About Me

Hi, I’m Annabel, a 20-year-old with a passion of reading blogs, constantly dabbling in writing them myself.

I review interesting blogs, and in return I blog about them, thus maximizing their audience. Me being a writer myself, find myself to be an avid reviewer and that too with a hint of designing. I started this blog to serve as a platform to shout out those great bloggers, who are doing a great job by being themselves on their blogs. I’m inspired by the energy that brings people together.

Here at Makin’ Cute Blogs, I aim to justify my presence online by being myself, in the process entertaining my audience and bringing them great content. I will do my best to persevere and provide quality writing to all my readers consistently, which in turn will keep you guys engaged with me, and me working towards my dreams.

I’m Annabel, and this is my story.