Today we are reviewing Kseniia’s blog about 3D pens and printers. The website is aptly named Pen and Plastic, a fitting reference since the site focuses on 3D pens and printers and the plastic 3D designs they can help you create. But in truth, the site goes beyond discussing 3D printing; it wants to help its users turn into creators of inspired 3D art.

Kseniia welcoming you to her blog

Suitable for Pros, Novices, and Kids

Luckily, no assumptions are made about the reader’s prior knowledge of 3D pens or printing technology.

Therefore, Pen and Plastic start with some basic information on what 3D pens, printers, and printing is all about. Fortunately, since the ultimate goal is to help you come up with great 3D art, the blog creator goes over and beyond to even recommend the best 3D pens for you.

As a result, you can be assured of amazing results whenever you start working on a 3D design. The pens are even reviewed based on the value they will offer you for money, the quality of designs they can create, extra features they can offer, and so forth.

This site is set up to be the only resource you need to know about 3D designs and how to create the best of them. Consequently, whether you are looking to create 3D designs as a hobby, or to do so as a pro, has plenty to offer you.

In fact, the site even has some tips on how kids can use 3D pens, and even recommends the best pens for them, as not all products in this category are kid-friendly. You will also learn plenty about 3D printers, the models in the market at the moment, and a guide on how to use them to make the designs you want.

The blog also takes a look at some of the options you have when it comes to the plastic you can use to create your 3D designs. You see, each plastic has its pros and cons, and these are laid bare so that you can make the most suitable choice as you go about creating your designs. For instance, some plastic materials are harder to work with, and others offer more lasting results.

As it turns out, there are even plastic printing mediums that are infused with wood. So, the site goes all the way in ensuring that you have all the information you need to make amazing 3D print designs, whether for fun or as professionally. You will even have a chance to buy some of these products on the site itself, which is pretty good.

Relevant 3D Printing Information

Otherwise, the blog is not all about promoting the art technique that is 3D printing. There are also posts covering other issues related to this new-age technology. In fact, she is not shy to discuss some issues of concern about the use of 3D printers, such as whether these printing devices are safe for kids.

You can also learn about the history of 3D printing on this site, as well as the different kinds of 3D printing in existence at the moment, and even how to print your figurines. Therefore, the site is quite exhaustive in its coverage of issues related to 3D printing. Kseniia even has a YouTube channel with videos on how to use a 3D pen and paint a butterfly to name a few.

Actual Evidence of Her 3D Designs Available 

And it is not all talk for the creator of this blog; she showcases some of her 3D printing work. The creations, which she mostly creates with the use of 3D pens, are quite incredible.   For instance, she has created a handbag and a butterfly using a 3D pen, which she admits is her go-to medium when it comes to creating 3D print designs. She has created other amazing pieces of work as well, and you can explore them as you go through her great portfolio on her site.

The artistic pieces are pretty good, and they should inspire anyone interested in 3D printing to give this craft a try. They are quite functional too, and this should open your mind to the possibilities that await you once you get started on your 3D printing journey and hone your craft over time.

Pen and Plastic teaches you how to make some pretty cool stuff

In Conclusion

Thoughts Kseniia’s 3D art pieces are not the work of an amateur, which is to be expected since she has a masters degree in traditional art. This should be reassuring because the 3D printing tips she gives are based on personal experience. In fact, she is involved in fashion design and has been featured as a top designer on by 3Doodler.

In other words, she knows her stuff, and if you want to learn everything about 3D printing, you should follow her lead and explore the incredibly detailed resources on her blog. Quite literally, site is a must-have resource for anyone interested in mastering the art of 3D design either with the use of 3D pens or 3D printers.

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