There are so many different types of blogs today from foodie blogs to health and beauty, but when you think of a really great blog, what comes to mind? For me, it’s variety. Zoe Sugg, 28 year old Youtuber, author, and blogger hits all of the well-rounded variety content that I’m talking about. From beauty to lifestyle, gaming, nutrition, travel, and fashion, Zoella really hits the nail on the head for all of the subjects. The best part of her blog is that it feels like less like a bunch of well structured articles written by a professional than it is a look into her personal life and tips on how to achieve a lifestyle that you crave. From the way she markets her brand to the functionality of the layout of her blog, it truly is the perfect blend of blogging content and interactive, personable content.

Homepage of Zoe’s blog

Zoe has a real way with wording her blog posts that really resonates with her readers and fans that is easy to relate to and connect with. Her posts are nothing short of interesting, and no matter what your interests are, you are sure to find something that you will truly enjoy reading about. This doesn’t exclude her more personal blog posts about her life and the inside look she gives us. She also talks about a lot of subjects that most bloggers are too scared to make personally, therefor get turned into advice columns on how to deal with the heavy subject rather than just an outward admittance of dealing with them themselves. For example, in 2016, Zoe wrote a blog post called ‘Anxiety – The Update‘ where she shared about her struggles with her emotional illnesses and how she feels about them. Instead of being ashamed of her illness, Zoella decides instead to elaborate on the possibilities of what has caused this illness and how she has personally lived with it. This is something that a lot of readers can relate to and is something that may have touched some readers in a way that they can be more confident of not being judged or humiliated for their feelings since a role model with so many people watching her can put it out in the open so bluntly and willingly. To me, connecting with your audience on such a deep, personal level is the best way you can grow your blog’s audience truthfully and honestly.

Zoe’s deeply personal blog post

Which brings me to my next point — let’s talk about Zoella’s marketing. On top of her blog, Zoella is on many platforms. This is including but not limited to Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and all of the other social media and content sharing platforms that are crucial to today’s blogging world. Along with her blog and most popular of all content sharing sites, her Youtube, Zoella has written more than 4 books involving her brand, has her own beauty line, and collaborates with many other content creators and celebrities such as Alfie Days, Liza Koshy, Tyler Oakley, Bethany Mota, Joey Graceffa, Miranda Sings, Jenna Marbles, Shane Dawson, and Tanya Burr just to name a few. The importance of collaborating with other content creators, especially ones that are in the same realm content wise with you is so important today as a creator. The more you are able to get your content trending with what readers or viewers want to see, the more exposure and recognition you are going to get as a creator. In a world where the it is so easy to jump on the internet and create a blog, it’s important to stand out and make those important, long-lasting connections with people who are going to support you and share experiences with you so that you can make great, popular, and quality content.

Zoella About Section


screenshot from

Many people have been tousled at least once or twice by an article they’ve read on the internet saying some absurd like, “Trump Struggling To Recall Words To U.S.A. Chant”, or “[Television Network] ABC Criticized For Unrealistic Portrayal Of Racists Actually Facing Consequences”. You know you’ve been roped into one at least once or twice and had to do a double take at the outrageous titles of these articles. That’s because, to the dismay of many angry blog readers and Facebook ‘keyboard warriors’ these articles are in fact 100% satirical. These confusing yet amazingly entertaining articles are actually the responsibility of a blog called The Onion that writes strictly satirical articles on Politics, Sports, Local News Stories, Entertainment, Opinion Articles, and more.

screenshot from

The Onion is an amazing satirical news blog

To the bare eye that has never witness a true satirical “News” blog on the internet before, looks are certainly deceiving when it comes to the layout of The Onion’s blog. To some, it may look like a very professional run-of-the-mill credible news source such as Fox News or CNN, however, there are some extremely intelligent and witty writers behind these hilarious blog posts that many find entertaining, but others just…don’t. I’m not quite sure what it is about blog readers having a huge disconnect from comedy blogs — maybe it’s their lack of a sense of humor, or it’s possible they lacked love in their childhood, but for the rest of us who like to have a chuckle, this is a great “News” source to read every single morning upon waking up instead of the tiring, never-ending cesspool that seems to be American news as of the past 10 or 15 years. It can get really tiring listening to the same old drama, the same old news anchors, and to be honest, who even uses their TV anymore? In an age where most of us young influencers use the internet rather than cable, it’s just as important to have some leisurely fun as it is to be in the know of what’s going on in our world today. And for me, The Onion really hits the spot.

The Onion has a strange and wonderfully twisted sense of humor

As a blog, The Onion is accountable for posting daily and creating fresh new content that is relatable to current trends and politics within the world. Not only does is cover parodies of real-life events, but it also never fails to create original stories that resonate with people of any age. The Onion has achieved their popular and consistent content since their content first aired way back in 1988, and obviously has been able to keep up with the trends as it’s reader base has only grown and the blog has only evolved largely since then. I can only describe The Onion to new readers as ‘America’s Modern Day Electronic Newspaper’, or maybe ‘Daily BS That Will Make You Feel Better About The Scary World We Live In’, so if this sounds like something you’re interested in, I suggest you go take a look at this bloody brilliant blog.

A few more onion headlines for you…

3d tech valley main

In today’s article, we’ll be reviewing, a blog about the latest 3D technology. This is a hobby blog by Charles Tellier, a visual and motional graphics designer from Houston Texas.

Overview of the Homepage

3d tech valley main

Welcome page for 3D Tech Valley

The homepage is a typical magazine layout style that features the latest 3D printer reviews, industry news, interviews, and guides.

The blog’s sidebar highlights the top articles written, recently published posts, and post categories. The homepage looks a little bland and could do with some more design work.

For example, some of the posts on the homepage do not have a featured image. I am sure Charles can sit down over one weekend to put featured images on all posts.

Quality of Content

Overall, I am impressed with the quality of content on 3DTechValley. From the looks of things, the site is being molded to a 3D technology resource or hub.

There’s some good content on the blog. For example, I was impressed with this article about the best mouse for CAD. The article introduces space mice and goes in depth into why a designer would need the mouse instead of a traditional mouse.

3d tech valley best mouse

One of the better articles on the site

The article layout is clean and the images are clear. I also love the green call-to-action (CTA) buttons that invite readers to check the price of the items on Amazon.

Going through the reviews of the mice, I noticed that Charles has indicated some pros and cons of each mouse. However, this information is not easy to find if you just glance over the article. You will need to read each mouse review to find the pros and cons.

I would suggest that the pros and cons be put under separate subheadings. This way, visitors that do not have time to read the whole article can quickly find the information and make a decision there and them.

Design & Color Scheme

3d tech valley sidebar

The links and contrasting colors on the site are largely green features a mostly green color scheme, which is based on its logo. I’m not sure of the use of green for a tech blog. I would have preferred something in the line of blue. For me, green seems more of a “green” project. Perhaps the blog should have been about green technology, not 3D technology.

However, the green color scheme has been nicely applied on the website and provides a coherent experience. For example, the hyperlinks are a shade of green and so are the call-to-actions.

The website navigation menu is predominantly black, which goes well with the green.

Lead Generation

When it comes to lead generation, I will give Charles an F. He has not even tried to capture any leads on the website (Charles, I hope you read this and will change!). We all know how important it is to capture leads on a website.

There are multiple ways that lead generation tactics can be implemented on 3DTechValley. The most obvious one is setting a lead capture form at the end of each article.

The leads can then be categorized in the email software depending on where they sign up through for future marketing. For example, visitors that sign up through this article about CAD keyboards can be put in a segment that will be sent information about various types of keyboards that may have been reviewed on the website. Doing this will help to improve the discoverability of new or old articles published on the blog.

Another place that Charles should consider implementing a lead capture form is the sidebar. At the moment, the sidebar hosts recent articles as well as editorial reviews. However, there is enough space to add a lead capture form, either at the very top or bottom of the sidebar.

Social Networks

For a blog that is about 3D technology, I was surprised not to find an active YouTube channel for 3DTechValley. I am sure most visitors will be interested in seeing 3D creations on video. Charles needs to work on a YouTube channel.

I struggled to find other social networks of the website. Most of the social links on the site do lead to non-existent pages. Apart from Twitter, I could not find any other social network for 3DTechValley.

3d tech valley twitter

3D Tech Valley does have a Twitter account, at least

I am not sure if this is by design or an oversight. However, I truly believe that social media networks are an integral part in today’s market and all online businesses need to have them.


Overall, seems unfinished. While the site has in-depth content on 3D printer reviews, 3D pen reviews, CAD software, interviews, and other related topics, it fails badly in terms of its lead generation efforts.

I would also like to see some social media action going on for the website.

You can have a list of blogs you visit which are an amazing source of information and insight. Most blogs I visit usually provide great articles with inspiration, tips, strategies and information that is very useful and informative for social media sharing. The fantastic content also gives me ideas and something to anticipate for the next one. Adding to the list of the most amazing blogs I will review my favorite blog; SPROUT SOCIAL INSIGHTS.


Sprout Social Insights homepage

Sprout Social Insights is a fantastic social media blog which covers a wide range of content ideas and aims at reaching the diversified target audience. The blog includes lots of interesting questions and answers social media. Topics talked about here include great anticipation for future articles. It also has content on practical issues such as social media tips on small businesses entrepreneurs which you might not even find anywhere else.

It selects a vast number of excellent writing content that covers the topics themselves and others that include tips and strategies making it a successful online blog with the first fantastic content. This blog has simple grammar and is designed in such a way that for new bloggers this is the blog to visit to get tips on how to turn your blogging into a source of income or even a career. This is because the blogger includes tips and strategies she uses to provide tremendous and exciting content alongside with writing skills and more.


Quality of content

Sprout Social Insights is my favorite blog mostly because of the quality of the content. The blogger understands the importance of quality content, and clearly, you got to visit this blog because the material is just superb!

Forget about blogs trying too hard to sell the dry plain content release. Audiences are way over cliché stuff to keep them hooked the content has to be unique which is what Sprout Social Insights offers. If you visit this blog, then you are going to feel engaged in the various topics addressed.

Content marketing for this blog does it for itself. The blogger understands the power of content and knows just exactly how to keep her audience satisfied and engaged. The blog is always aiming at audience growth, generating new ideas and exciting topics which area informative too. With this, the content is incredibly diverse and broad-reaching out to most people. The most critical factor for successful content marketing that this blog has incorporated is quality which is something that even most blogs are focusing on bringing more attention. Social media has also contributed to the success of this. However social media isn’t going to work if you don’t have the content that interests’ people and they can share with one another.

How the author connects with the audience

The blogger of Sprout Social Insights knows how to keep her audience close and treats them well with the consistency of content. At the very start, she has analyzed the target audience and provided just the material that we need as the readers. This is something that other content creators and bloggers should emulate.

At the very least, content gives your audience something to talk about, and my favorite blog does this. Most readers are tired of reading the same boring articles. Sprout Social Insights is doing something new and different for the audience which genuinely keeps us excited to learn. Blogs are so many and crowded so for any blog to find light then there has to be something engaging and actively practical that can be even shared widely.This blog has the perfect definition of how to find your target audience, providing them with quality content and keeping your viewers hooked and engaged with the most interesting articles.

Today we are reviewing Kseniia’s blog about 3D pens and printers. The website is aptly named Pen and Plastic, a fitting reference since the site focuses on 3D pens and printers and the plastic 3D designs they can help you create. But in truth, the site goes beyond discussing 3D printing; it wants to help its users turn into creators of inspired 3D art.

Kseniia welcoming you to her blog

Suitable for Pros, Novices, and Kids

Luckily, no assumptions are made about the reader’s prior knowledge of 3D pens or printing technology.

Therefore, Pen and Plastic start with some basic information on what 3D pens, printers, and printing is all about. Fortunately, since the ultimate goal is to help you come up with great 3D art, the blog creator goes over and beyond to even recommend the best 3D pens for you.

As a result, you can be assured of amazing results whenever you start working on a 3D design. The pens are even reviewed based on the value they will offer you for money, the quality of designs they can create, extra features they can offer, and so forth.

This site is set up to be the only resource you need to know about 3D designs and how to create the best of them. Consequently, whether you are looking to create 3D designs as a hobby, or to do so as a pro, has plenty to offer you.

In fact, the site even has some tips on how kids can use 3D pens, and even recommends the best pens for them, as not all products in this category are kid-friendly. You will also learn plenty about 3D printers, the models in the market at the moment, and a guide on how to use them to make the designs you want.

The blog also takes a look at some of the options you have when it comes to the plastic you can use to create your 3D designs. You see, each plastic has its pros and cons, and these are laid bare so that you can make the most suitable choice as you go about creating your designs. For instance, some plastic materials are harder to work with, and others offer more lasting results.

As it turns out, there are even plastic printing mediums that are infused with wood. So, the site goes all the way in ensuring that you have all the information you need to make amazing 3D print designs, whether for fun or as professionally. You will even have a chance to buy some of these products on the site itself, which is pretty good.

Relevant 3D Printing Information

Otherwise, the blog is not all about promoting the art technique that is 3D printing. There are also posts covering other issues related to this new-age technology. In fact, she is not shy to discuss some issues of concern about the use of 3D printers, such as whether these printing devices are safe for kids.

You can also learn about the history of 3D printing on this site, as well as the different kinds of 3D printing in existence at the moment, and even how to print your figurines. Therefore, the site is quite exhaustive in its coverage of issues related to 3D printing. Kseniia even has a YouTube channel with videos on how to use a 3D pen and paint a butterfly to name a few.

Actual Evidence of Her 3D Designs Available 

And it is not all talk for the creator of this blog; she showcases some of her 3D printing work. The creations, which she mostly creates with the use of 3D pens, are quite incredible.   For instance, she has created a handbag and a butterfly using a 3D pen, which she admits is her go-to medium when it comes to creating 3D print designs. She has created other amazing pieces of work as well, and you can explore them as you go through her great portfolio on her site.

The artistic pieces are pretty good, and they should inspire anyone interested in 3D printing to give this craft a try. They are quite functional too, and this should open your mind to the possibilities that await you once you get started on your 3D printing journey and hone your craft over time.

Pen and Plastic teaches you how to make some pretty cool stuff

In Conclusion

Thoughts Kseniia’s 3D art pieces are not the work of an amateur, which is to be expected since she has a masters degree in traditional art. This should be reassuring because the 3D printing tips she gives are based on personal experience. In fact, she is involved in fashion design and has been featured as a top designer on by 3Doodler.

In other words, she knows her stuff, and if you want to learn everything about 3D printing, you should follow her lead and explore the incredibly detailed resources on her blog. Quite literally, site is a must-have resource for anyone interested in mastering the art of 3D design either with the use of 3D pens or 3D printers.

There are millions of blogs out there now that everyone has a voice. This is great overall and really leads to the democratization of content and people with very niche interests being served.

Fashion – particularly men’s fashion – is not a niche topic by any means. And there are many, many people covering the beat. But Sal from brings such a unique, funny take to the world that his blog is well worth the read.

guy's grooming guide homepage

Sal’s blog has a great sense of humor and a “hey dude” type of flair

The Design

I always start out by reviewing the design of a particular blog, but this is definitely not the strong suit of the Guy’s Grooming Guide. It’s a functional design, pretty easy to parse and use, but definitely is not pretty.

The pictures and graphics are a bit amateurish (to put it kindly) but they’re certainly eye-catching and grab attention when shared on social media. In his various product review pages (example) it’s fairly easy to tell which product he likes the best and to find the information that you need.

The Content

The content, on the other hand, is top notch. Sal has such a down-to-earth sense of humor and “tells it like it is” from his experiences in the trenches as a barber. Reading his articles are like having your best guy friend tell you about what’s the truth in the men’s fashion world and what’s a load of B.S.

The writing is vivid, uses lots of sense imagery (great descriptions of color, texture, and smell), and draws you in. The information Sal provides about each product and each technique is very practical and very actionable for putting to use in your day-to-day life.

The Author

guy's grooming guide about

Hairstyling advice from a bald guy!

As he describes on his about page, Sal is a career barber. This is such a huge benefit for the blog because the advice you’re able to get from someone working daily in the trenches of the beauty and fashion industry is so much more valuable. The topics on the site seem to come directly out of his shop and address common questions and concerns among guys the world over. As a professional he also reviews some of the high end equipment that he uses for that purpose.

Sal answers all these questions in a cheeky, confident manner that builds a deep relationship and trust with the reader. He seems very approachable — and like someone you would trust with your whole head of hair in his hands!

screenshot of the anna edit

Blogging was once something that no one had heard of. Let alone thought might be something they could do or that would even want to do. But with social media becoming what it has and blogging turning into more than just a hobby for many people. That has all changed. Chances are, you probably know someone who writes a blog. Or you yourself at least read a blog post (or three,) sometime throughout your day. Today I would like to talk about one of my all time favorite blogs: The Anna Edit. I’ve been reading this blog for years and very often go back to reread a few of my favorite posts.

screenshot of the anna edit

The Anna Edit is a well-designed, thoughtful looking blog

The Design

A year or so ago the author of this blog did a complete revamp on her website and it looks great! The layout itself is simple and bright. You never have to scroll through ads and pop ups. Each of her posts has beautiful photography and a tag so you can easily tell what category the posts will fall under. The categories are easily accessible on a banner that stays there even as you scroll.
Another great feature located at the bottom of the screen is the banner of links to her most recent YouTube videos. These videos are informative and beautifully created as well and just add something extra to the content she writes about.

The Content

anna edit content

Fashion and style tips abound…

You can tell from the moment you open the page that the content in intended for women. She talks about beauty and style and staying healthy, all things other women her age are always talking about. She has a very down to earth vibe that you can see in her content. Whether it’s a very simple everyday makeup look or quick healthy lunch she’s been enjoying. You can always tell she is talking about what she loves and sharing it because you might love it too.
While you are drawn in by the beautiful web design, the content is absolutely what keeps you. There is always some useful piece of content coming out of the blog and keeps you coming back for more. One day she may be talking about traveling tips and the next how to meal plan. It is always useful, entertaining and a lot of the time funny.

The author

Anna started her blog when she was in college, back then the blog was known as Vivianna Does Makeup. As you can tell from the name it was mostly about makeup. But as she grew up a little she broadened her prospective a little and I think the change felt very natural. Now she shares a variety of content. Along with her blog she also keeps up with her Instagram page, Youtube channel and new podcast.
This blog might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but one thing is for sure, her followers love her. I think you can tell from her instagram page that she loves them too. She is always engaging with her audience on a one to one basis (as much as one with that many followers.) And you can tell her content is always directed towards her followers.

If you want to be a successful blogger it takes years of consistent hard work and even then some blog don’t work out. But Anna has found a way to make her corner of the internet work for her. She gets to talk about the things she loves and share them with other like minded women who love the same thing. There is something about the way she is always trying to do something new or make herself better that makes us all want to do the same thing. I hope there is never a time when there isn’t content coming from The Anna Edit.