There are millions of blogs out there now that everyone has a voice. This is great overall and really leads to the democratization of content and people with very niche interests being served.

Fashion – particularly men’s fashion – is not a niche topic by any means. And there are many, many people covering the beat. But Sal from brings such a unique, funny take to the world that his blog is well worth the read.

guy's grooming guide homepage

Sal’s blog has a great sense of humor and a “hey dude” type of flair

The Design

I always start out by reviewing the design of a particular blog, but this is definitely not the strong suit of the Guy’s Grooming Guide. It’s a functional design, pretty easy to parse and use, but definitely is not pretty.

The pictures and graphics are a bit amateurish (to put it kindly) but they’re certainly eye-catching and grab attention when shared on social media. In his various product review pages (example) it’s fairly easy to tell which product he likes the best and to find the information that you need.

The Content

The content, on the other hand, is top notch. Sal has such a down-to-earth sense of humor and “tells it like it is” from his experiences in the trenches as a barber. Reading his articles are like having your best guy friend tell you about what’s the truth in the men’s fashion world and what’s a load of B.S.

The writing is vivid, uses lots of sense imagery (great descriptions of color, texture, and smell), and draws you in. The information Sal provides about each product and each technique is very practical and very actionable for putting to use in your day-to-day life.

The Author

guy's grooming guide about

Hairstyling advice from a bald guy!

As he describes on his about page, Sal is a career barber. This is such a huge benefit for the blog because the advice you’re able to get from someone working daily in the trenches of the beauty and fashion industry is so much more valuable. The topics on the site seem to come directly out of his shop and address common questions and concerns among guys the world over. As a professional he also reviews some of the high end equipment that he uses for that purpose.

Sal answers all these questions in a cheeky, confident manner that builds a deep relationship and trust with the reader. He seems very approachable — and like someone you would trust with your whole head of hair in his hands!

screenshot of the anna edit

Blogging was once something that no one had heard of. Let alone thought might be something they could do or that would even want to do. But with social media becoming what it has and blogging turning into more than just a hobby for many people. That has all changed. Chances are, you probably know someone who writes a blog. Or you yourself at least read a blog post (or three,) sometime throughout your day. Today I would like to talk about one of my all time favorite blogs: The Anna Edit. I’ve been reading this blog for years and very often go back to reread a few of my favorite posts.

screenshot of the anna edit

The Anna Edit is a well-designed, thoughtful looking blog

The Design

A year or so ago the author of this blog did a complete revamp on her website and it looks great! The layout itself is simple and bright. You never have to scroll through ads and pop ups. Each of her posts has beautiful photography and a tag so you can easily tell what category the posts will fall under. The categories are easily accessible on a banner that stays there even as you scroll.
Another great feature located at the bottom of the screen is the banner of links to her most recent YouTube videos. These videos are informative and beautifully created as well and just add something extra to the content she writes about.

The Content

anna edit content

Fashion and style tips abound…

You can tell from the moment you open the page that the content in intended for women. She talks about beauty and style and staying healthy, all things other women her age are always talking about. She has a very down to earth vibe that you can see in her content. Whether it’s a very simple everyday makeup look or quick healthy lunch she’s been enjoying. You can always tell she is talking about what she loves and sharing it because you might love it too.
While you are drawn in by the beautiful web design, the content is absolutely what keeps you. There is always some useful piece of content coming out of the blog and keeps you coming back for more. One day she may be talking about traveling tips and the next how to meal plan. It is always useful, entertaining and a lot of the time funny.

The author

Anna started her blog when she was in college, back then the blog was known as Vivianna Does Makeup. As you can tell from the name it was mostly about makeup. But as she grew up a little she broadened her prospective a little and I think the change felt very natural. Now she shares a variety of content. Along with her blog she also keeps up with her Instagram page, Youtube channel and new podcast.
This blog might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but one thing is for sure, her followers love her. I think you can tell from her instagram page that she loves them too. She is always engaging with her audience on a one to one basis (as much as one with that many followers.) And you can tell her content is always directed towards her followers.

If you want to be a successful blogger it takes years of consistent hard work and even then some blog don’t work out. But Anna has found a way to make her corner of the internet work for her. She gets to talk about the things she loves and share them with other like minded women who love the same thing. There is something about the way she is always trying to do something new or make herself better that makes us all want to do the same thing. I hope there is never a time when there isn’t content coming from The Anna Edit.