3d tech valley main

In today’s article, we’ll be reviewing 3DTechValley.com, a blog about the latest 3D technology. This is a hobby blog by Charles Tellier, a visual and motional graphics designer from Houston Texas.

Overview of the Homepage

3d tech valley main

Welcome page for 3D Tech Valley

The 3DTechvalley.com homepage is a typical magazine layout style that features the latest 3D printer reviews, industry news, interviews, and guides.

The blog’s sidebar highlights the top articles written, recently published posts, and post categories. The homepage looks a little bland and could do with some more design work.

For example, some of the posts on the homepage do not have a featured image. I am sure Charles can sit down over one weekend to put featured images on all posts.

Quality of Content

Overall, I am impressed with the quality of content on 3DTechValley. From the looks of things, the site is being molded to a 3D technology resource or hub.

There’s some good content on the blog. For example, I was impressed with this article about the best mouse for CAD. The article introduces space mice and goes in depth into why a designer would need the mouse instead of a traditional mouse.

3d tech valley best mouse

One of the better articles on the site

The article layout is clean and the images are clear. I also love the green call-to-action (CTA) buttons that invite readers to check the price of the items on Amazon.

Going through the reviews of the mice, I noticed that Charles has indicated some pros and cons of each mouse. However, this information is not easy to find if you just glance over the article. You will need to read each mouse review to find the pros and cons.

I would suggest that the pros and cons be put under separate subheadings. This way, visitors that do not have time to read the whole article can quickly find the information and make a decision there and them.

Design & Color Scheme

3d tech valley sidebar

The links and contrasting colors on the site are largely green

3DTechValley.com features a mostly green color scheme, which is based on its logo. I’m not sure of the use of green for a tech blog. I would have preferred something in the line of blue. For me, green seems more of a “green” project. Perhaps the blog should have been about green technology, not 3D technology.

However, the green color scheme has been nicely applied on the website and provides a coherent experience. For example, the hyperlinks are a shade of green and so are the call-to-actions.

The website navigation menu is predominantly black, which goes well with the green.

Lead Generation

When it comes to lead generation, I will give Charles an F. He has not even tried to capture any leads on the website (Charles, I hope you read this and will change!). We all know how important it is to capture leads on a website.

There are multiple ways that lead generation tactics can be implemented on 3DTechValley. The most obvious one is setting a lead capture form at the end of each article.

The leads can then be categorized in the email software depending on where they sign up through for future marketing. For example, visitors that sign up through this article about CAD keyboards can be put in a segment that will be sent information about various types of keyboards that may have been reviewed on the website. Doing this will help to improve the discoverability of new or old articles published on the blog.

Another place that Charles should consider implementing a lead capture form is the sidebar. At the moment, the sidebar hosts recent articles as well as editorial reviews. However, there is enough space to add a lead capture form, either at the very top or bottom of the sidebar.

Social Networks

For a blog that is about 3D technology, I was surprised not to find an active YouTube channel for 3DTechValley. I am sure most visitors will be interested in seeing 3D creations on video. Charles needs to work on a YouTube channel.

I struggled to find other social networks of the website. Most of the social links on the site do lead to non-existent pages. Apart from Twitter, I could not find any other social network for 3DTechValley.

3d tech valley twitter

3D Tech Valley does have a Twitter account, at least

I am not sure if this is by design or an oversight. However, I truly believe that social media networks are an integral part in today’s market and all online businesses need to have them.


Overall, 3DTechValley.com seems unfinished. While the site has in-depth content on 3D printer reviews, 3D pen reviews, CAD software, interviews, and other related topics, it fails badly in terms of its lead generation efforts.

I would also like to see some social media action going on for the website.


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